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Leon Garfield

Action, adventure and romance

Smith was a pickpocket with no parents, living in the bottom of a pub with his two sisters.   Little did he know that the next gentleman he robbed he would, a short while later, witness being murdered, putting him in lots of danger!

Haroun Butt, 6CC (2016)


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3 comments on “Smith

  1. mrothwellstopps says:

    This book is a lot about trust

  2. Mr Milne says:

    High adventure on the streets of 18th century London – murder, secrets, betrayal, highwaymen, prison escapes and hangings, greed, madness, fortunes lost and found! I especially liked the relationship between Smith and the blind magistrate. Is there something of a ‘justice is blind’ moral somewhere in this story do you think?

  3. hbutt says:

    Great book all about trust and not judging people