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The Children of the Forest
Elsa Beskow

Picture books

Beautiful reflection on the changing seasons in a forest in Sweden, first published more than 100 years ago – blurb to follow


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10 comments on “The Children of the Forest

  1. Mr Ellis says:

    Daisy liked the names of the children!
    Sol liked the bit where the hedgehog and snake were involved
    Peniel liked the bit where the snake got killed
    Ava liked the mum explaining things to the children.
    Mr. Ellis’ favourite bit was the troll bit

  2. Alfred Enock-Brown says:

    I think the pictures are brilliant and my favourite bit is when the children pick cotton grass for their mummy to weave into rugs and jumpers because I didn’t know where cotton came from before and found it interesting.

  3. rhirt says:

    I really liked the pictures in this book.It was nice to see how the pictures change as the seasons change. I would love to go to school with the children,be taught by an owl and sit on branches.

  4. jselby says:

    I love this book because I love nature I also get story ideas from it. It’s about 6 cm tall people who live in the forest and have a wise owl as a teacher to teach them about the forest around them.

  5. Frances Hartland says:

    I liked the children’s hats as they look like mushrooms. I didn’t like the troll, because I didn’t think he was friendly. I don’t think the forest people are real, as I didn’t see them when I last went to the woods.

  6. eroberts says:

    I like the children of the forest because they are magical and wonderful. I like this book because, as they’re wandering around the forest, you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Until you turn the page that is! There is so much to see in this book and I love the idea of living with bats, hedgehogs, rabbits, owls and lots of different birds, and a naughty viper snake. The children even get to ride on the animals. That sounds fun!

  7. zbates says:

    I like that they are mushroom heads!

  8. Mr Milne says:

    Magical! I’m biased because I love the Swedish forest but, all the same, a beautiful book – both the words and illustrations – about forest children playing with the forest animals (they’re the same size as the squirrels and rabbits and bats and hedgehogs) and learning about the seasons. Enjoyed by Swedish children for more than a hundred years!

  9. obates says:

    I really like the way that they prepare for Autumn and I also like the idea of being able to play with squirrels, ride on bats and tell secrets to a frog.

  10. Agnes Milne says:

    A lovely book about people living in forests where the people are much smaller than we are