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The Dark is Rising
Susan Cooper

Fantasy and science fiction

Struggle between good and evil called The Light and The Dark – blurb to follow.


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15 comments on “The Dark is Rising

  1. fives says:

    The dark is rising is a book about a young boy who on his 11th(I think) birthday finds out he is an ancient and powerful beings who have devoted there infinite lives to fighting the dark.

  2. risaacs says:

    This is a thriller and I think light will stop dark from taking over and I like the way the author has captured a entrancing imaginary world……….

  3. kclarke says:

    This is the first of a series, although I have only read the first book. It is a strange story about a boy who is given a weird symbol by his friend, a local farmer. He begins to notice that he is being followed by a dark knight on a shadowy horse. One morning he finds himself alone, in a strange version of his world. A few of the townspeople are there and he discovers that they are something special. An amazing adventure starts to unfold.

  4. mrothwellstopps says:

    This book is all about light and dark

  5. cburt says:

    An enthralling read.

  6. cwitchell says:

    DARK V LIGHT this book is tense, magical and amazing (for me)

  7. astrigo says:

    Dark and light who will win?This book is magical and creepy…

  8. ibuglione says:

    It is good but you don’t want to read this book if you are eight and under because you will get the creepiest nightmare ever.

  9. esampson says:

    Can the light stop the dark . Can will and merriment stop the dark from taking over.

  10. wsimwogerere says:

    I have only just started this book because I bought it at the book sale not knowing that it was one of the 100 books! It is an exciting journey with the last person with the special power and he needs to stop evil once and for all.

    I give this book five stars because it is an exciting adventure in a part imaginary world

  11. jwhite says:

    This is a thrilling book and I would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to get goosebumps at night and fantasy light against dark sort of book.

  12. nsampson says:

    A great and enjoyable book. The dark is rising. Can the light stop the Dark. Can will and Merriman stop the dark from taking over.

  13. tmortensen says:

    This is a brilliant book with the dark(evil) and the light(good). I loved this book. It starts of as a unsuspecting boy to a magical tale, monsters, ghosts and one boy can save the world. Can he save the world…?

  14. Mr Milne says:

    I have never been an especial fan of fantasy and mythology but I thought this was a grand, evocative story. A titanic struggle between ancient good and evil unfolds in the gentle hills of the Thames Valley (concealed from the world by a supernaturally freezing winter and snowfall), leading to an epic confrontation (a little reminiscent of some of C S Lewis’s epic confrontations in The Chronicles of Narnia) in the Great Park surrounding Windsor Castle, an area I know well, making the book even more special for me.

  15. nbentham says:

    I found this book exciting,scary and terrifying to read at night!