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The Flying Hockey Stick
Jolly Roger Bradfield

Picture books

What you can do with a hockey stick, electric fan, umbrella and really long extension cord – blurb to follow


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11 comments on “The Flying Hockey Stick

  1. aimam says:

    I like the flying hockey stick because barberry create a hockey stick and goes around the world saving people from danger

  2. slee2 says:

    The flying Hockey stick is a unusual story and is very creative as random objects save the day.

  3. nlewis says:

    It’s ridiculous that you can do such amazing things with just a hockey stick, an electric fan, an umbrella and LOTS of extension chords. This book is about a little boy called barney who makes a flying contraption and saves one old granny, a sailor and a hunter.

  4. llincoln says:

    It’s amazing what they could make with just some random items.

  5. Caleb Ng Hong Ti says:

    I love this story because Barnaby Jones saved all the people

  6. aroberts says:

    I liked this book because he got a hockey stick and attached parts. He got ready to fly and he went so high he saw an aeroplane. His mum gave him peanut butter sandwiches and he flew off all around the world. He saw a fire on a building and he saved the lady and she jumped on the hockey stick. I liked it when Barnaby saved the man who was holding onto a board. Then the lions were trying to eat a man and Barnaby Jones got him on the hockey stick before they ate him but he did drop his peanut butter sandwiches. The lions ate them! He eats cookies at the end with his two friends.

  7. eroberts says:

    I like this book because he was trying to go all the way around the world and he is very very clever to make something that could fly. I wish I could do that-it would be fun.
    This book was full of happiness, there wasn’t really a bad bit. I was pleased that everyone was safe at the end.

  8. mattellis says:

    Nursery loved this book, because the main character saves people, especially the man from the lions.
    We liked lots of characters in the book.

  9. astrigo says:

    I think that this book is completely wild

  10. wmortensen says:

    I like it because they use lots of things to make a plane.

  11. Mr Milne says:

    Totally wild and wacky! The author says, in his foreword, that if you searched very hard and very long you might find someone (probably an adult) who didn’t believe that hockey sticks could become airborne, and if you looked even harder you might find a few old curmudgeons who thought that flying hockey sticks were unsafe and should be banned but that, thankfully, Barnaby Jones had no such disabilities…