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The Giant Jam Sandwich
Janet Burroway, John Vernon Lord

Picture books

I love this book more than a wasp loves jam!

Cyrus Quraishi Nash, 6ND (2016)


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81 comments on “The Giant Jam Sandwich

  1. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    I have read this at school.

  2. lgrillorodriguez says:

    I think this book is great for young kids and I also think this is a great book myself.My favourite part is when people make the giant jam sandwich.

  3. Leo Trelfer says:

    Leo, aged 4. I liked it when all the wasps got in the sandwich. I didn’t like it that three of them got away.
    It made me laugh when they made all the dough together.

  4. Leo Hales says:

    I loved The Giant Jam Sandwich so much especially when they attracted the wasps with the smell of the jam and it was really fun to see how the made the giant loaf of bread.

  5. bminns says:

    I liked the drawings and I like the three guys getting chased and I like counting all the wasps.

  6. glincoln says:

    I like this book because they get stuck in a giant jam sandwich and they caught millions of wasps.

  7. cwebb says:

    This book showed me that there is a solution to everything.?

  8. jmitchell says:

    Jam is my favourite thing to have on toast! Just like the massive wasp swam!?-?

  9. rtensue says:

    I love this book because it helps people need to work as a team

  10. Frederick Magkiriadis says:

    We loved this book and it got 5 stars because they caught the four million wasps.

  11. Wilfred Tudor-Wills says:

    I like this book because it’s about wasps getting stuck in a giant jam sandwich.

  12. fnkwocha says:

    This is a very unusual book but I love it!

    I mean who would wake up one morning and decide to write a book about wasps and a giant jam sandwich?

    I would recommend this book to the younger readers but it is a great bedtime story too.

  13. Alfred Enock-Brown says:

    Really really good and the giant jam sandwich was a brilliant idea!

  14. Ava Atkins says:

    I liked the way they made a big jam sandwich!

  15. Finley Hanrahan says:

    i loved this book because i love jam sandwiches but i don’t like wasps

  16. Finley Rae says:

    It was good.

  17. Sylvia Macaulay says:

    This book was funny and I really liked it.

  18. ameyricrothstein says:

    There are wasps in town. How will the towns people manage? They think they have a plan.

  19. kclarke says:

    This is a book about a small town which is practically invaded by many hundreds of wasps and tries to get rid of them. They come up with a slightly ridiculous plan to make a Giant Jam Sandwich (hence the name of the book) to try and trap the bothersome insects. The villagers also decide that a wasp’s favourite food is jam. I recommend this book for younger readers.

  20. ymulugetta says:

    I like this book because therse bee and Wasps and Little people’s

  21. mpatten says:

    When hundreds of hungry wasps fly in to the town the inhabitants need to get rid of them!they build a giant jam samwich and wait for them to fall for the trap…….

  22. areidwright says:

    I loved this book because you can see everyone working as a team

  23. apriechenfried says:

    I really liked this book because of the description.

  24. tluppi says:

    Miss Atkins read this poem to us in assembly and I was (pretty much) laughing for at least 1/4 of the time. But the great question is… If the wasps come again, the village will have run out of Jam, what will they use? Honey, mabey…..

  25. myeboahkodie says:

    This book is better than a giant piece of cake .I would love to see more.

  26. rboamah says:

    This book is really good and has a nice rhythm- since it rhymes. I think anyone of any age would enjoy it.

  27. bdavies says:

    A very funny short book to read (and to look at the illustrations) for younger children.

  28. llincoln says:

    When the wasps start annoying all the people make a giant jam sandwich to lure them away.

  29. Oscar Freeman says:

    The sandwich looked squashy and yummy – I think I could eat it all. I liked it when the wasps got squashed in the jam.

  30. ozamprogna says:

    I think this book is really funny because the people from the little town made a giant jam sandwich just to stop the wasps from annoying them!