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The Giving Tree
Shel Silverstein

Picture books

Shel Silverstein’s beautiful and controversial tale – blurb to follow


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29 comments on “The Giving Tree

  1. Ameira Campbell says:

    This book was sad but nice and it made me think to not be selfish to others

  2. llincoln says:

    The giving tree is a tree that gives things to people but it only has apples and branches

  3. Rian Koehler says:

    I liked when the boy said ‘can I have a house please’ and the tree said ‘I don’t have a house, I only have sticks and apples’ and ‘cut off my sticks and trunk so you can build a house’. Also, he went to the giving tree and asked for money but the tree told him he didn’t have any money and that he could sell his apples for money. The story made me feel happy.

  4. Henry Roberts says:

    I liked the first bit of this book but I didn’t like the end when the whole tree got cut down. It was sad that the tree was just a stump in the end. I think the tree loved the boy more than the boy loved the tree.

  5. Caelan Freeman-Walshe says:

    I think it’s sad when the boy takes the tree’s branches and trunk to make a boat and a house. But the tree was happy to make the boy happy.

  6. jostainton says:

    When Nursery read this they thought it was a nice story because the boy and the tree are together again. But they would have liked to see more colours in the pictures.

  7. aroberts says:

    The boy gets bigger and bigger and always wants things. And the tree always gives him things. I don’t want to read this book again. It is sad.

  8. eroberts says:

    I like this book because the giving tree is a very nice tree that always has something to give. Even when it is chopped down, it still has a stump to sit on. I felt sad when the tree was all cut down and it didn’t know what it could give.

  9. mmaccallumhall says:

    A boy and a giving tree. That is all I can say, to know the rest go and read this gentle and poetic book.

  10. foscar says:

    I really like the bit where the boy loved the tree, but I don’t really like the end because the tree got chopped down. It makes me think of what happens in real life.

  11. anecea says:

    this book is soooo amazing.

  12. bplowman says:

    A lovely book about a apple tree and a little boy. I liked it because the characters were great and the story was very old book and it was written in 1964.

  13. keley says:

    Nice short poem.

  14. emeron says:

    I like this book because it makes me remember to be kind.

  15. obates says:

    This book is crazy, I find the first few pages really sweet.
    I especially like the last page. And the tree is so friendly to the little boy.

  16. dprucksachatrut says:

    The Giving Tree is a very calm a gental book. I would recommend this book for people who can’t be bothered to read or can’t read yet. I read this book when I was in year 2 and it was very interesting it was a bit if a tounge twister but it helped me with my reading skills. I think it is a bit to long though.

  17. fwaters says:

    The giving tree is such a good book it is really happy and joyful

  18. jlaidlaw says:

    I really like this book even though it is not very long. It is an incredibly sad book about a boy that is attached to a tree but then the tree gets cut down but he still loves the tree

  19. akeigher says:

    This book made me quite sad but im not quite sure why I think it’s because the tree got chopped down and the tree was sad

  20. lgordon says:

    A book about a little boy who loves a tree and in the boy’s life he needs the tree to help him.and near the end it is sad but at the same time it is sad.All he needs at the end is a seat.

  21. Mr Milne says:

    Shel Silverstein is first and foremost a poet. The Giving Tree is like a poem – just a few words evoke images, thoughts and emotions that are perhaps different for every reader. I find myself experiencing different and conflicting thoughts when I read the book but most of all I feel sad.

  22. ebarrett says:

    I found this book quite enjoyable. It is all about a tree and a boy being best friends but when the boy gets bigger he becomes less interested in the tree and the tree is sad.

  23. agrindle says:

    This is an sad emotional good book.The sadist bit is when he finds love some were else.

  24. khenryjackson says:

    i love this book when the boy was young he was best friends with the tree he done everything with it he grew up he was still with it the tree wanted him to do anything the tree could do for him….. its a very lovely story

  25. fthomas says:

    i really like this book and the tree gives things

  26. nhyderkhan says:

    I love this book it’s about a young boy going to this very special tree and swinging from the branches and eating the apples and as time goes on the boy grew up………..

  27. madom2 says:

    The tree is so nice to the little boy as he is growing up. Until in the end when the tree has nothing to give the boy. The returned and stayed with the tree.

  28. oyeeking says:

    This story is about a tree who loves a little boy.

  29. madom2 says:

    I find it really wonderful that the tree was really nice to the boy as he grew up.