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The Happy Prince and other Stories
Oscar Wilde

Folk and fairy tales

The collection of fairy tales that Oscar Wilde wrote for his own children – blurb to follow


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4 comments on “The Happy Prince and other Stories

  1. snolan2 says:

    I fink this book was amazing book when I read this book I had a picture of all of it?

  2. ecoyle says:

    My mum read this to me to get some Irish story’s into me!?

  3. Milne says:

    The Happy Prince, The Selfish Giant, The Nightingale and the Rose – gut-achingly tender, beautiful tales. The notes at the back of the book say that Oscar Wilde used to have tears in his eyes when he told the stories to his own sons, because, he said, that really beautiful things made him cry. I recommend just reading the first five stories, which formed the original publication The Happy Prince and other Tales. The last four stories were published separately and are complex and written more for adults.

  4. stsugitavieira says:

    The happy prince is a very happy book because he is very thoughtfull because he…..