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The Indian in the Cupboard
Lynn Reid Banks

Fantasy and science fiction

A cupboard with a magic key: a brilliant and unique book based on an old idea – blurb to follow.


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10 comments on “The Indian in the Cupboard

  1. pfigueroasheldon says:

    When I got this book I thought “This book isn’t going to be very good”. But as soon as I started reading it, I was like WOW!! Think this because the plot is great and the way Little Bull and Boone act is really cool, they really do show that however small you are, you are always human. I would reccomend this book to EVERYONE!!!! This book certainly deserves to be in the Rosendale 100 Books.

  2. kruh says:

    I love this book about Omri and his amazing cupboard which can transfer any plastic figure into something real the same size.This is a really good read to read with your family or even by yourself.

  3. claque says:

    The Indian in the cupboard is a fictional story about a boy whose toy figure becomes alive. They have many adventures together including finding the Indian a ‘friend’. Unfortunately the cowboy who they find does not seem very nice and constantly fights the Indian. The first book of this series is the best. I tried to read the other books too but the story becomes a bit boring.

  4. mrothwellstopps says:

    This book is very funny and good

  5. akeigher says:

    I really like this book is when the you turns real I find that very cool and funny

  6. ibuglione says:

    I love the thought of getting an Indian AN INDIAN for your birthday

  7. Mr Milne says:

    I wasn’t expecting to especially like this book but I got wrapped up in the mysterious, exciting, captivating story. The plastic figures from Omri’s cupboard that come to life bring with them a history and complex character and you find yourself drawn into caring about their lives and fate.

  8. sstrong says:

    I read this book a very longtime ago but the idea of it has stuck. The thought of a toy action figure turning real is so strange but amazing. Anyone can enjoy this book I say it’s for all ages including adults.

  9. risaacs says:

    One day a boy gets an Indian for his birthday. And when he puts it in his cupboard the Indian comes to life.

  10. jlaidler says:

    One of the best books ever. Funny, adventurous and fast-moving. Brilliant.