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122 comments on “The Iron Man

  1. ejacobson says:

    I like when the town folks dig a hole to trap the iron man

  2. jsnowdon says:

    This book is an incredible thing

  3. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    I liked it when the iron man fell of the cliff and broke into lots of pieces and the hands ran about finding the eyes and the other parts of the body.

  4. jhawkes says:

    This book is good because it is adout a boy and a iron giant how have grate adventures together and it is fun to read.

  5. dbaptiste says:

    The book was great and the movie was amazing

  6. rrostam3 says:

    This is a good book because it is dramatic

  7. glincoln says:

    I liked this book because it is about a boy who meets a huge metal giant also there are some good traps.

  8. aimam says:


  9. kgravil says:

    I loved this book because of the people trying to trap it

  10. nraganabashtaqi says:

    I love this book it’s all about a young lonely boy. Who meets an iron giant
    (The name of the film) and they become best friends the boy can’t let anyone see the gargantuan robotic man. This book is filled with wonder ,excitement and sadness you never know what’s gonna happen next??

  11. aimam says:

    What I like about the iron because somehow the humans create this cool trap that turns the iron man into a hill which was pretty impressive

  12. aimam says:

    what i like about the iron man is that the humans put a trap on the iron man and he turns into a hill which is pretty amazing

  13. jpenny says:

    i swear I have read this book over a hundred times❗️This book is very sad at sometimes but can also be very funny.i highly recommend this book to all ages and is one of my favourite books.

  14. nfairweather says:

    I really liked this book because when The Iron man comes into town something big happens. ???????

  15. mhalkondelgadoalves says:

    I really liked this story it was funny at some parts and sad at others very creative I thought this was an amazing book and I recommend it to anyone around 10and under.

  16. slee2 says:

    The Iron Man is a intrigueging story to be told. It is not my favourite story but has an interesting storyline.This book is about an unusual young boy who is determined to defeat but is ready to receive.

  17. claque says:

    The Iron Man. We read this book at school in year 5. It is not my favourite book but it has an interesting story line. It is about a boy who finds an iron man and plans to defeat it but realizes that his thought enemy is actually not that bad.

  18. Zarak Khan says:

    The Iron man is a great book about a giant robot that fell down and broke into pieces and is trying to find his body parts . So he can still move his hand and tries to find his part.

  19. llincoln says:

    We read this book in class and I loved it. The iron man is friendly but everyone is afraid of him

  20. ecoyle says:

    We read this in class and I nearly cried.?