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121 comments on “The Iron Man

  1. rboamah says:

    It’s an excellent book with friendship. A hero is born, well made I would say and they call him the Iron man! Once you get this from the local shop, your nose would be sticking in it and you won’t take your eyes off. Hogarth is a boy who has spotted the Iron man lurking in the shadows ad his father has a plan, a bad plan. How is he a hero then, read to find out why?

  2. jallen says:

    This book is a very good book because it will show you all about friendship and bravery.

  3. oridgeway says:

    The iron man is a really good book I think you should read it because it will probably
    inspire you my faviroute bit is the end when they become friends.

  4. hnkwocha says:

    I really like this book.

  5. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    A dramatic start and ending! Beginning with the Iron Man falling of a cliff and his parts putting themselves back together. The middle bit is quite boring though

  6. sstatham says:

    The Iron Man is a tense and sad book.Each page is a bucket of persperation!Hogarth is a determind character (he is the main character).The book has inspiring metaphors and dazzling descriptions.

  7. mpatten says:

    I think that the Iron man is an action-packed and dramatic book most of the time but parts can be a bit boring and hard to understand!

  8. etrinder says:

    This book is such of a mix of happiness and sadness that you could be depressed and be happy at the same time-if that’s possible!it’s about a boy that saves a “monster”that could put him in grave danger but in fact it actually saves him and the world.I love how creative it is but some of it is a bit out of the blue.

  9. kdegabriele says:

    I like The Iron Man, its a very exciting book. I especially liked the end part.

  10. gwilsonlitt says:

    It is a funny sometimes sad and mostly brilliant.

  11. nfairweather says:

    I did not like this book because I thought it was boring.

  12. shopwood says:

    Its a good book, it made me feel happy at the end!

  13. fsmith says:

    I think that the iron man was quite good because it was action pact and very dramatic.The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because some times it was a little bit boring.My favourite bit was when the dragon came.

  14. mchangbrown says:

    I think the iron man is a good story but it can be a bit better and have more information.
    The book is about a iron man and he eats all the things made out of iron and the people make a trap because they don’t like it. But there is a boy and he wants to help the iron man hide and not get killed. I think everyone should watch the film as well as reading the book.

  15. hhall says:

    This book is brilliant it helped me with my description with my writing. I thought that it was sad when the the iron man fell off the cliff, but I was happy again when the book said the iron man fixed him self back together.

  16. oiankolugenbuhl says:

    The iron man is a quite a inspiring book for people to make there on book !

  17. ltebaldi says:

    I like this book because its nice and sad but its kind of harsh when they threw him in a hole!

  18. mrobinprevallee says:

    I like this book because its happy and sad.

  19. mhalkondelgadoalves says:

    The iron man is a very inspiring book. It has lots of great vocabulary and the description was absolutely amazing, I could picture the images in my head.

  20. nbentham says:

    We read this book when as a class in year five.I really enjoyed reading this book.I really enjoyed when he fell down the cliff and tried to fix his body parts together.

  21. fives says:

    This is a scary book about a massive dissembled mettle man who lives by some tall cliffs and when he finds his body parts he heads to town…

  22. Joshua Barden says:

    the iron man is about men killing him

  23. bwhite says:

    this book is a legend! It is so compelling, every page is sweat! I loved it when the kid tried to catch the famous, gigantic IRON GIANT!

  24. jsnowdon says:

    this is so good!!!!!! and I think this book can be quite good at times but it has some scary bits in it so if you are under 5/6 you might be abel to get through this maze of swerves and passages all stuffed in to a few pages.

  25. wsimwogerere says:

    When we were in year 5 we read this book which was about an iron man who everyone feared and I loved it when it was read I really liked it at the part his body parts started moving after they split apart after a big drop down a cliff. After that,I think he saved the world from a mystical flying creature by doing who can survive on a hot surface for the longest and the creature was burnt on the sun and surrendered to the Iron man.

  26. psolis says:

    In year 5 as a class we read The Iron Man. When I read it I found it amazing with the description and character – it felt like I’ve been dragged into the book itself so this is why I like the iron man.

  27. kmacmillanhitchman says:

    It shows how iron can survive in fire when a dragon fights the iron man

  28. edixonhitchcock says:

    I liked this book when we read it in year five. It was about a iron giant who had been scattered on the beach and was putting himself together in glorious description and then he goes to the town and the boy sees him making loads of disruption everywhere and everyone gets scared but luckily there is a very nice ending.

  29. Agnes Milne says:

    I sort of enjoyed this bok because I like it when he’s looking for all of his body parts.

  30. krussell says:

    I really like this book but I can’t remember the last time I ever read this or watched this but I will give a 4 star for this book

  31. madom2 says:

    Here is one question I need to ask myself: where did he come from ?

  32. cwitchell says:

    We have read this book as a class and I really like it. It is about a robot who eats metal and one day he falls and breaks and so on……….

  33. nsampson says:

    The iron man is a really great book to me because at the beginning the iron man is the bad guy but then it helps the people kill the enormous monster. My favourite part is when the iron man puts himself back together.

  34. myislam says:

    I really liked this book it was fun reading it earlier in the year.

  35. akeigher says:

    I really liked this book when we read it earlier in the year.

  36. rbrissett says:

    We read this book together and talked about it and predict what happens next.

  37. agrindle says:

    The iron man is a very good book to read because if you want to read a book with lost of good words it’s the book for you.

  38. rshamash says:

    The Iron Man is an amazing story and has lots of cliff hangers. I loved how the writer described the iron man.

  39. lfrancis says:

    This book is very fun and exciting and about a giant iron man and a dragon the size of the world and they have a heat off.

  40. jwhite says:

    The Iron Man was very exciting and if you like giant robots eating barbed wire fences, then this is certainly the book for you!

  41. ebarrett says:

    The Iron Man is a great book. If you have seen the movie the book is way better and if you ever read it never think of the Iron Man in the movie because if you do it will spoil it.

  42. nludewick says:

    I love this book! It is really nice and i recommend this to everyone. It is a story about a boy who finds an iron man. In the end the iron man saves the day even though every one hated him before because he stole their metal.

  43. rrazabenfahem says:

    I recommend it. It’s a really good book.

  44. ozamprogna says:

    I’ve read this book with my class, and I think it is really good, because it has loads of adventures!

  45. bbates says:

    I lked this book. It was tense and a bit weird but when they introduced the Iron Man I thought this exact word: COOL!!!!!!

  46. efuller says:

    Last night I watched the movie but the book was better by far better – it had much more description.

  47. fthomas says:

    I would recommend this book because it’s very exciting at times.

  48. ggonzalezalzate says:

    I quite like this book but I think parts are boring too

  49. oridgeway says:

    I don’t recommend this book because it was quite boring and I couldn’t keep track
    of where we were in the book.

  50. hbutt says:

    It’s kinda boarding it’s about some sad kid who makes friends with a robot . But everyone hates thee robot so he has to protect it