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121 comments on “The Iron Man

  1. Ms Fee says:

    Unbelievably I only read this fir the first time as a teacher, and was really cross that it hadn’t been included in my English lessons when I was at school! The language and themes are so rich. I think my favourite version is the edition accompanied with amazing illustrations by Laura Carlin.

  2. aharper says:

    I liked this book so much because I found it exciting to read. At one moment they hate then they love him(because he saves them). That is why I gave a 5/5. It could of maybe be longer but I still liked it.

  3. tgray says:

    I read this one when I was in year 5. I didn’t enjoy it that much.

  4. rmaccallumhall says:

    I did not get into this book because it was just about the Iron Man stealing things but my Mum says it does get exciting but I stopped reading before then.

  5. hshi says:

    Poor iron man got buried underground.
    I love this book because it has great description.

  6. gbrown2 says:


  7. tcarpenter says:

    Hi I’m a spoiler and I’m will spoil this for your own good.its about an iron man made of metal and a boy who believes.

  8. mmaccallumhall says:

    In year 5 we read this book and I also read it when I was little. I do like this book but sometimes the story got confusing and I never really got into the book. Apart from that the story is great and full of description

  9. ibuglione says:

    Sorry Ted Hugh’s but I absolutely hate this book

      1. ibuglione says:

        I hate this book because it didn’t grip me at the start and every good book needs to grip you at the start.

  10. Mr Milne says:

    Brilliant science fiction short story – or modern fairy tale, as it is sometimes described – written in taut poetic prose by one of the UK’s great poets. It’s an extraordinary tale with a message of peace and understanding. Most extraordinary is the star spirit (space-bat-angel-dragon) that the Iron Man orders to sing the music that “makes space so peaceful” to the warmongering people of the Earth. Living inside the moon, the spirit flies around the Earth singing this eerie-beautiful and calming music; meanwhile, the Iron Man, chewing happily in his personal scrapyard, hums “in harmony to the singing of his tremendous slave in heaven.” So, why did this peaceful being attack the Earth with such greedy and cruel ideas? The book gives an interesting answer. The full title of the book is The Iron Man: A Story in Five Nights: Ted Hughes wrote it as a bedtime story, in five chapters, for his own children. There is a wonderful audio recording that you might be able to find of Ted Hughes reading the book himself.

  11. sconteh says:

    The Iron Man is a great book it is a book full of imagination. It has lots of detail and description. In year 5 it really helped us with building tension in our writing so whoever reads this book should be delighted to learn something new.

  12. famin says:

    Iron Man is a novel about a robot that falls in a hole to invading a town completley. This book shows how with teamwork anything is possible even taking down an enormous robot

  13. dhogan says:

    A monster that terrorises farms,eats cars and hides in barns Iron man is one brilliant book for many people. In 5SL we read it through to write a review in our books about it we even created a monster that was like it!

  14. ikanarski says:

    I think the iron man is a really dramatic book because of what happens and all the details as well as it is linked with space and just a really good book!

  15. obates says:

    I love this book especially the part when he is trying to put himself back together again. I also like when he was helping get rid of the dragon big enough to cover Australia.

  16. nhyderkhan says:

    i absolutely hate this book it was extremely confusing and i did not like it

  17. dmccormack says:

    i liked when iron man fights the dragon

  18. cquraishinash says:

    In year 5 we my class read this and it was really good!I kind of forgot what happens,but I recommend this book to any one!

  19. ahooper says:

    This eye catching fantasy story is great for people with big imagination’s as it’s certainly inventive which is something that i really like in books .
    As you read on you will meet new and interesting characters like the iron man himself, I won’t tell you much more because i don’t want to ruin the book.Happy reading!

  20. eswayne says:

    i really liked this book because it’s adventurous and sad at in different places and that’s just the right combination
    for me

  21. leldridge says:

    I am fan of the movie but this is totally different and I cannot say I am a fan of this book, but my class mates are.

  22. mboguslawska says:

    This book is a good children’s because in the end the Iron Man is happy in his scrap yard. Even though this book is really good is is not quite for me because I like more funnier books.

  23. alamido says:

    This book is quite good but not for me it would need to have a more dramatic story line but if you like more cartoon unreal books then this is for you

  24. nlewis says:

    This book is fabulous because every character has their own personality. I also love books which are a bit CRAZY!

  25. frowden says:

    brilliant storyline and heart warmingly sad , the iron man eats all metal from tractor to screw

  26. jjames says:

    i didn’t like this book because it was a bit dull.

  27. ndakouri says:

    This is a fantastic book to read and sad because the Iron Man wanted to be a hero and I always wanted to read on.I wished what the famers will do the Iron Man kept on eating there iron. Read this book before you leave Rosendale

  28. sharwood says:

    This books full friendship and interesting I think its a mystery bock but some bits are not to exciting like the boy ran to the Iron Man to stop him is not to exciting that’s the reason

  29. ndakouri says:

    This is a fantastic book to read and sad because the Iron Man wanted to be a hero and I always wanted to read on.I wished what the famers will do the Iron Man kept on eating there iron.

  30. rrostam2 says:

    This is an excellent book which is full of a story of bravery but can be scary sometimes.I do think it can be improved to be a little bigger or have a part two because it has lots of great description and similes.if you want to read a book of friendship this is the book for you.

  31. kmahmood says:

    I think this book is quite boring because it has no drama and it is very dull.

  32. mscharkowskisimmonds says:

    This is a excellent book with friendship and love but it is a bit sad in places .You should read it in your time at Rosendale .

  33. awatts says:

    I think this book is really good because at the start all of the town people hate the iron man because he eat’s all of their tractors and metal.And they wanted to kill him by calling the army but then Hogarth said that the iron man might be friendly and he was but he was just wanted food and they made a deal and they both at the end was all happy.

  34. iortizarboleda says:

    It is an incredible and lovely book because it is full of friendship and drama.You have got to read this.

  35. nblackwood says:

    Read this book of friendship and bravery. It is about a boy named Hogarth who has seen…
    Find out what Hogarth has seen and be inspired!!!!

  36. csimmons says:

    This is an amazing book about the Iron Man.This book is full of kindness and excitement and full of happiness. I think that you should read this book because I think you would enjoy reading this book.

  37. lfriel says:

    This book is full of action, and full of happiness but there are a few parts that make this book not very interesting. First this book doesn’t really have a story to it. For example if there was a book and said the bubble monster came again and didn’t say what it was going to do. Theres not really a bite and nothing to look forward to but apart from that this book is very good and I suggest you should read it. NOW!

  38. lbailie says:

    This book is a fantastic lesson of friendship and bravery and the imagination is definitely awesome. If you have a child that loves reading and has a big imagination this is definitely for them!

  39. schatzinikolaou says:

    I love this book because it good , funny and sad because he lost an ear.

  40. jcoulson says:

    This book is great and I had to read on.

  41. aperkins says:

    YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! I like this book because it brings brilliant and inspiring surprise and I know you will like to read this book!

  42. jkrause says:

    I like this book because it has adventures. At the end I felt happy for the Iron Man.

  43. apriechenfried says:

    The Iron Man is an excellent book. It shows friendship and braveness. You have to read it. You wont be able to put it down.

  44. flamptey says:

    I like this book because it includes adventure,excitement and friendship. It’s an inspiring book. You have to read this incredible book before you leave Rosendale!

  45. awilson says:

    This book is an excellent book about friendship and being helpful I definitely recommend this book to everyone.

  46. lsingernorsworthy says:

    This book is a lovely combination of bravery and friendship. It is a book that everyone should read. In this book,you will find that it is hard to put down and holding your breath,you will discover what happens next…what will happen next?

    Have a nice time reading!

  47. aosman says:

    This book is emotional and sometimes inspiring . you need to read this!

  48. bdavies says:

    The Iron Man is a mix of friendship, action, bravery and sometimes its a bit sad. The only thing about this book is that it’s a bit short. You need to read this book before you leave Rosendale.

  49. zdennisbryan says:

    It’s a great book it has action,friendship and sadness. You should read it before you leave Rosendale.

  50. kclarke says:

    The Iron Man is a story about bravery and friendship. Everyone despises him at first but everything changes when he saves us all!