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The Letter for the King
Tonke Dragt

Action, adventure and romance

When I read this book, I was hooked. There were some really intense parts, sad parts, happy parts and cool parts! This book isn’t that funny, but, even better, it’s interesting

Cyrus Quraishi Nash, 6ND (2016)


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7 comments on “The Letter for the King

  1. odiwan says:

    This book is an amazing read with kings,knights,sword fights and adventure. On the night Turi was to be knighted, a letter was to be delivered from King Daganort to King Uanwen. Captured at a passer by castle how will he deliver the letter? Read it to find out.

  2. Mr Milne says:

    Knights and noblemen, kings and queens, spies, assassins, murder, intrigue, plotting, corruption, deceit, magic, fantasy, courage, honour, friendship, anger, revenge, politics – all wrapped up in an epic quest to deliver a ‘letter for the king’ with literally hundreds of twists and turns…

  3. ebarrett says:

    This book is very very good. It is all about a young boy named Turi who has to go on a quest to transport a very important letter from King Daganort to King Uawen. He has many enimes along the way and gets trapped in a castle for travelers by.
    A very good book I recommend it for everyone.

  4. fives says:

    It was the eve of Turiu becoming a knight but a stranger had to come and ask for someone to deliver a letter to the black knight with the white shield. When Turiu found him he just had to be lying on the floor bleeding to death and of course he had to send him out of the country which included climbing massive mountains. And he had to do that being chased by the people who killed the black knight with the white shield, like what are the chances of that?

  5. kruh says:

    I liked this book a lot because although it has got some injuries there is always somebody to rescue the person. If you liked this book you should really read ‘the secrets of the wild wood’ .

  6. tbraganza says:

    This book was amazing! It has lots of mystery in and tense moments, but it ends with the happiest ending to any book I have ever read. My favourite character is the Black Knight with the White Shield, aka… well, read the book and then you’ll find out!

  7. cquraishinash says:

    When I first got this book I thought it would be boring. But when I actually read it, I was hooked. There were some really intense parts, sad parts, happy parts and cool parts! This book isn’t that funny,but even better, interesting. It makes you want to read on. My two favourite characters are Turi and Piak.