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The Little Prince
Antoine de St Exupery

Fantasy and science fiction

Poetic and philosophical French novella, hugely popular and translated into 250 languages – blurb to follow


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18 comments on “The Little Prince

  1. ograham says:

    I love this book. Like the Little Prince loves his rose.

  2. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    The Little Prince loves his rose so much.

  3. Zarak Khan says:

    I really enjoy this book . I like the part when the little girl goes to the city and she gets arrested it is really nice book to read

  4. ejackson says:

    I love this book because my mum you to read it to me.

  5. risaacs says:

    I really like the philosophy of the book and my favourite character is the banker because he is so dum and I also like the fox that comes into play later in the book he teaches us about taming.

  6. astrigo says:

    This book will attract you with its poetic fascination.

  7. cwitchell says:

    I haven’t actually read this but I have listened to the audio book of it. It is really interesting and it takes you on all sort of adventures. I love it. My favourite character is the geographer because he is nice and clever.

  8. cburt says:

    This book is brilliant. No matter who you are, it will engage you in it’s poetic wonder.

  9. Mr Milne says:

    This little book – filled with poetic and philosophical ramblings about adulthood and the modern world – is one of the most loved of all time. It’s sold hundreds of millions of copies and been translated into hundreds of languages. It makes wry observations on life that I enjoyed reading, but I’m left with a feeling that I’ve missed something. So – please – I rely on you tell me what this book is all about!

  10. mmaccallumhall says:

    I really enjoyed ready this book. I think its a great book.

  11. rmaccallumhall says:

    I like this book because it is sad but good . My favrot carictor is the little prince becauses he has lots of advenchos.

  12. mbrooks says:

    I think that this is a really good book , I enjoyed reading it a lot

  13. hnkwocha says:

    I think it is really good book. With a good story line

  14. ibuglione says:

    This poetic book is very intrestingw

  15. rrodgers says:

    I think think this is one of my favourite books it has a wonderful characters and a amazing story.
    I love this book filled with happiness sadness and comedy !

  16. odiwan says:

    The little prince knows many planets.Some he will never forget,like the lonley rose on a small planet.I like the snake at the bottom of a wall.

  17. ozamprogna says:

    This book is really good. There are lots of cool characters and it’s all very creative. I have loved it since I was 5 years old!

  18. jlaidlaw says:

    Compelling and great in every way.