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The Machine Gunners
Robert Westall

Action, adventure and romance

It’s the middle of World War II and the Battle of Britain and children find a crashed German aircraft with a machine gun and ammunition – blurb to follow


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6 comments on “The Machine Gunners

  1. risaacs says:

    It is packed with excitement and is sort of strange because they are just kids and I don’t know why they intended to steal a fully loaded machine gun it is not very realistic.

  2. Dshawn Richards says:

    I really like this book I recomened that people get this book.

  3. Mr Milne says:

    When asked if he had enjoyed the war, the author, Robert Westall, gave this response: “I enjoyed the war – it seemed to us a very great adventure, with every British person fighting together for the common cause (which they have never done since). But then our town was not severely bombed (although we had a lot of air-raids).” Westall grew up in a town called Tynemouth in north-east England, near Newcastle. The Machine Gunners captures some of this outlook and spirit and is quite unlike any other book I’ve read about the war. In a thrilling sequence, the main character, Chas McGill, finds a crashed German aircraft in the woods near his house. The pilot is dead in the cockpit and Chas uses a saw to cut free and steal away with a fully operational machine gun. He intends to use it to fight the Germans- the story is set in 1941, in the early part of the war when a German invasion was widely anticipated. There’s vicious fighting and swearing and glimpses into sad lives. Although the book is based on the author’s wartime experiences, he did not find and steal a machine gun. However, after publishing the book, he was told about a group of Dutch teenagers who had done exactly this, after finding a crashed British Lancaster bomber.

  4. jlowisplowden says:

    The machine gunners,is a exciting and interesting book because in the middle of the world war II the battle of Britain and children find a crashed German aircraft with a machine gun and ammunition…

  5. tbraganza says:

    This book is good but not as good as some other books about the Second World War. My favourite part is when they find the plane with its gun fully intact.

    1. Mr Milne says:

      Which other books about WW2 Thomas? I’m interested…. Mr Milne