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The Mitten
Jan Brett

Picture books

Ukrainian folk tale in which animals of all shapes and sizes squeeze into a mitten dropped in a snowy forest – blurb to follow


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28 comments on “The Mitten

  1. Nell Hardman says:

    I really liked this book because it had lots of animals in it and it was funny.

  2. Hannah Hartland says:

    I loved the mitten book because all the animals climbed into the mitten. And I also liked it when the bear sneezed and the mitten flew into the air and the boy caught it.

  3. Annabel Pickstone says:

    I liked this book because, I like animals, it was fun to hear a story about them. (Feb 2018)

  4. Leo Trelfer says:

    I liked it when the bear sneezed!

  5. aroberts says:

    I liked it when the granny saw that one of the mittens was bigger at the end of the story. I liked it when Nicki found his mitten floating, and he caught it. The rat got on the bear’s nose and he sneezed. I liked it when the mole found a comfy space. I liked it whenever Nicki said to his grandmother ‘see, I’ve got both of my mittens.’

  6. eroberts says:

    I like that the animals can fit right next to a hedgehog without getting prickled. I noticed that at the end, the mitten was much bigger because it was such a tight squeeze. I thought ‘how would the bear and the owl possibly fit in one mitten?’ But they did!

  7. Ms Hattingh says:

    We liked how they all got into the mitten. We all laughed when the bear sneezed.

  8. Mr Ellis says:

    Daisy liked it when all the animals kept warm in the mitten
    Shaheim liked parts of the book.
    Nina liked the hedgehog going into the Mitten,/

  9. Frances Hartland says:

    I liked the story because it had a fox in it. I found it interesting and funny.

  10. llincoln says:

    When a boy loses his mitten loads of animals try to get in. I really like the drawings.

  11. Oscar Freeman says:

    It was a bit good. I thought hedgehogs were the biggest things that could fit in a mitten.

  12. Henry Roberts says:

    The Mitten is a book about a boy and his mitten, which gets lost. I liked this book. I liked when the bear went achoo and all the animals fell out and the mitten flew in the air. It was really funny.

  13. Rian Koehler says:

    I liked it when Grandma got confused about the size of the mittens at the end.

  14. Caelan Freeman-Walshe says:

    I think that The Mitten is good because I thought that the mitten was going to burst.

  15. mrothwellstopps says:

    I wish I could be the size of a mitten

  16. glivia says:

    I wish i could fit in a mitten .
    i love the pictures.

  17. astrigo says:

    I love the amazing illustrations they inspired me to do my own art.?

  18. insudohparish says:

    I like this book because there are rabbits in

  19. mmaccallumhall says:

    The illustrations are beautiful and I think younger ones would really enjoy it

  20. dmcevoy says:

    I LOVE THESE Books

  21. anecea says:

    This book is sooo amazing ?

  22. bbigueyapua says:

    This book is charming because I like the way it goes.?

  23. ealemayo says:

    the mitten is funny

  24. psolis says:

    This wasn’t one of my favourite books but I still liked it when the glove became bigger when animals from the woods started to sleep in it.

  25. ibuglione says:

    This is a charming tale and has beautiful illustrations

  26. Agnes Milne says:

    I enjoyed reading this book and I’m fascinated by how all of the creatures fitted into the mitten of a small boy.

  27. Mr Milne says:

    Charming tale and illustrations. I also think that there are other versions of this folktale and I am going to investigate and report back…

  28. ghume says:

    I loved this book when I read it I’m serprised that it’s not higher in ratings its a great book I recomed this book.