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The Railway Children
Edith Nesbit

Action, adventure and romance

Written more than  100 years ago, three children have to move away from their home in London to a house next to a railway in Yorkshire when their father is falsely imprisoned for spying – blurb to follow


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42 comments on “The Railway Children

  1. ihamilton says:

    I like this book because it is a adventurous tale about three siblings. They move to the countryside after their dad goes missing. All three of them love watching the trains come and go. They go on all sorts of adventures. The most exiting is when they rescue a child from a tunnel. The children make freinds with the porter at the station and a gentleman who boards the train every day.

  2. thamilton says:

    The Railway Children is about three kids who move to the country after their father is wrongly put in prison . They move to a house next to a railway and they like waving at the old gentleman who goes on the train everyday. They go on lots of adventures and once they save someones life .

  3. amacarthur says:

    I love this book because it is adventurous and creative I like the part when they see there dad at the very end 🍓🍒🤩😎

  4. ograham says:

    This book was not my favourite story although I did enjoy parts of the storytelling.

    1. Mr Milne says:

      Olive. I wouldn’t often recommend the film of a book – but try the 1970 version of The Railway Children. It’s something I still remember from my childhood. Mr Milne

  5. emcinerney says:

    The Railway Children was a favourite book when I was younger, the book is about three children who have there father imprisoned and they and have to get used to living without luxury while they try to find out what has happened to him.

  6. kclarke says:

    The Railway Children is a great book about three children in Edwardian times whose father disappears, meaning that they end up in a state of poverty. Early on in the story, we discover that the father’s disappearance has something to do with government. Anyway, the oldest and somewhat more perceptive child is called Roberta or ‘Bobbie’. Then there is Peter, whom I find pompous and arrogant. Finally, there is Phyllis (or Phil-take your pick) the youngest and prone to small accidents (e.g. her shoelaces are forever, even in tense moments, coming undone). If you enjoy old-fashioned classics then try the book. Even if you don’t think it is your kind of book, it might be worth giving it a go.

  7. mpatten says:

    The railway children is a book about a wealthy family who have to move to the countryside when their father is arrested on false charges. In the countryside the children and their mother have to learn to cope with the changes and being poor.I love this book and my favourite part was when their father is released from jail and comes home to the !

  8. claque says:

    The Railway children is a story about a family that is unrightfully torn apart. I find it terrible that the father is imprisoned and I am amazed that the mother and the children are able to make the best out of hard times. Anyone who has read this book and enjoyed it should definitely read ‘5 children and It’ in which a sand fairy is found that grants wishes. The only problem is that wished objects disappear at sunset

    1. Mr Milne says:

      If you enjoyed Five Children and It, Celso, you might enjoy Five Children on the Western Front, which is an excellent updating of the book in which the irritable Sand Fairy returns at the time of the First World War, when the five children are all a few years older. Mr Milne

  9. Ms Mason says:

    A lovely story about coping with change and the importance of family.

  10. fpatten says:

    A great book of a group of children who move from the city to the country side and by the house is a train track and the children save a train holding many people.

  11. cwitchell says:

    This is an amazing book which is quite magical and is quite sad but they are amazing children and they save a train and the people in it!

  12. sheckscher says:

    When a happy family’s father is taken to prison for something he is not guilty of, a roller- coaster of emotions is set out for them. Can they all stay happy and adapt to this sudden change? This book sets a perfect moral of always being positive.

  13. mrothwellstopps says:

    I love this book so much . it is a very heart breaking book i have watched the films several times and loved it

  14. keley says:


  15. astrigo says:

    I think that everyone should read this book because it is so wonderful.

  16. ahall2 says:

    The railway children is such an emotional and heart touching story, i love it so much

  17. mmaccallumhall says:

    I read this when I was little and have watched the film countless times as the story is full of twists and turns when a rich happy family lose there father to prison for something he didn’t do.they remained happy of course but had to work hard to adjust to the new surroundings.

  18. lfrancis says:

    My mum read this to me when I was 5 years old and I really enjoyed it.

  19. ibuglione says:

    I personaly love this lovely imaginative railway book about children who risk their lives to protect the public and their loved ones

  20. Mr Milne says:

    Tell me that you didn’t have a tear in the eye when Bobbie sees her father step off the train and cries out “Oh! My Daddy, my Daddy….” (The author’s own father had died when she was a young girl, making this especially poignant.) The book paints an idealised picture of childhood and rural England in which three very resourceful and good-natured children have adventures and save the day (they don’t seem to have to go to school!) and gradually earn the love and respect of the local community. “ I think everyone in the world is friends, if only you can get them to see you don’t want to be un-friends,” Bobbie says – and this seems to be confirmed when the children’s kindnesses and friendliness sets in motion a chain of events that eventually brings their father (who had been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit) back to them. I thought that there was a sadness in the book too, just below the surface. The children’s mother feels a slightly cold and distant figure. The author hints to us about how unhappy their mother was when she praises Bobbie for being a person who is able to “know that you are unhappy, and to love you extra on that account, without bothering you by telling you all the time how sorry she is for you.” (Although the book is mostly narrated through Bobbie’s eyes, sometimes the author addresses the reader directly in this way.) At one point, when Bobbie says to her mother (before their troubles have been resolved) that she wishes she could ‘write’ a happy ending to their story. Her mother responds: “Don’t you think it’s rather nice to think that we’re in a book that God’s writing? If I were writing the book, I might make mistakes. But God knows how to make the story end just right—in the way that’s best for us.” The religious faith came a bit out of the blue to me. And, in some ways, it’s a little strange to me that the kindly old gentleman (the person who intervenes in the story, a number of times, to solve all the problems) is the railway director!

  21. alamido says:

    i read this book a long time a go but i still remember my favourite part was when the boys leg got stuck in a railway whilst a train was coming

  22. gjacobson says:

    i meel soory for boy leg in thing when train coming

  23. mrees says:

    the railway children are very clever and realise that a boy has not exited the railway track. a few minuets later they hear a train and are brave enough to save the boys life and every day keep travelling down to the track until a disaster strikes!

  24. nraganabashtaqi says:

    A sad comedic and tragic story however gory quit oddly one of my favourite parts was when the boys leg got trapped on the railway and a train was heading his way!!!!

  25. eswayne says:

    i REALLY like this book because i and i think some other people love adventure so thats why i love this book 🙂

  26. hwunsche says:

    This book is apsolutly amazing.

  27. fsmith says:

    A sad story of three little children moving to the country side. They wave at every train hoping it will be their dad coming back from London and I wonder if there dream comes true?

  28. lhodge says:

    its amazing and cool but really quit sad.

  29. iaboulian says:

    This book is incredible.It’s one of my FAVOURITE books but i have not read it i have only watched the theatre and… IT WAS AMAZING but some of it was a bit confusing and any way it’s a 9+ and i’m eight so there we go.The reason why i like this book is is that it is dramatic and sad.I personally like dramatic in a theatre and a shock or something.I really recommend you to read this book and did you see that i gave this book 5 stars!So you better get reading and read this book…

  30. sdevlin says:


  31. amuhidin2 says:

    i think the railway children is a fablous book because and its fun and i thik evbody shod rid it

  32. amuhidin2 says:

    i think the railway children is a fablous book because it is so exciting . malbertwade.

  33. lucybadminton says:

    This is one of my favourite books. I read it when I was eleven and I asked my mum if we could have iced buns for tea. Every time I see an Ice bun it reminds me of this story. When I was twelve, we were asked to write about a hero. I chose to write about Bobby , Phyllis and Peter.

    1. rdraper says:

      nice REVEW 😉

  34. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    I really liked this book because it is sad and scary in parts.But it is a bit a bit confusing at times when it says Bobby not Roberta.

  35. ikanarski says:

    This book is dramatic and moving in many different ways because at one point some one is feeling sick and next children are trying to stop a train!

  36. agrindle says:

    I loved this book but it was really sad when they find this boy that is hurt but other than that it is really good.

  37. ewhitelaw says:

    I really liked this book especially when the train came .Bobby was very brave and is my favourite character.

  38. tbraganza says:

    This is a really sad story which ends happily. My favourite part is when they wave to the old gentleman on the train every day.

  39. malbertwade says:

    i think the railway children is a fablous book because it is so exciting . malbertwade.