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The Twits
Roald Dahl



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59 comments on “The Twits

  1. Wilfred Tudor-Wills says:

    I like this book because at the end they stand on their head and they shrink.

  2. Rocco Lopez-Gutierrez says:

    I was a bit scared by this book but the monkey was funny at the end.

  3. aburgess says:

    This book is hilariously funny because the two ,play pranks on each other but when the monkeys get revenge on the twits everything changes!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  4. Zigfried Stanway Deckers says:

    I really enjoyed this story – especially all the tricks played on Mr and Mrs Twit! ZSD

  5. pfigueroasheldon says:

    I think that this book is so funny :-). I love how the Twits are so funny and they do the most silly things!!! This book is for all ages, it is brilliant.

  6. tiwatafurlonger says:

    This book is funny and Mr and Mrs Twit are very weird

  7. aharper says:

    This book is funny!

  8. Alfred Enock-Brown says:

    I love it when the twits are on their heads, because the monkeys play a trick on them to get their revenge. And it’s really funny when a little boy sees all their clothes on the floor after they get the shrinks.

  9. rtensue says:

    This book is so good and I like the pranks

  10. mpatten says:

    I love The Twits because they are so funny and are always pranking each other . My favourite part is when Mrs Twit puts worms in Mr Twits spaghetti!!!??

  11. Leo Trelfer says:

    Leo, aged 4
    I liked it when they were upside down and they got the shrinks.
    I didn’t like Mr and Mrs Twit, they were mean people.

  12. nbraganza says:

    The Twits was the first Roald Dahl book I had read and when I had finished it l read loads of his other books because the Twits is one of the funniest books I have read

  13. hcookson says:

    I liked this book because Mrs Twit and Mr Twit were very funny and they kept on playing funny and unkind tricks on each other. The nastiest trick was when Mr Twit kept on adding more wood onto Mrs Twit stick so she thought she was getting shorter.

  14. mjohnson says:

    This is such a funny book because The twits are like enemies,yet they were married when they looked beautiful and handsome.Now,they are like having a little war between the two of them!
    5 stars!

  15. emcinerney says:

    The Twits is a really funny book because they do so many horrible pranks on each other the prank that i like most is the shortening of Mrs. Twits walking stick.

  16. fnkwocha says:

    I enjoyed this book because I liked finding out what pranks they were going to play on each other.I especially love the squiggly spaghetti and the shrinks



  17. khale says:

    I think this is a brilliant book because the twits are very silly but they do describe it really well

  18. jmitchell says:

    The Twits is a interesting in a very funny way?.

  19. hhoughton says:

    I liked this book because it was really funny. My favourite part is when they were upside down.

  20. lbailie says:

    this is a good book

  21. schatzinikolaou says:

    I find the Twits funny because they be rude to each other and play pranks .

  22. kgravil says:

    The Twits are so funny the spaghetti prank was so gross and funny at the same time and they hate each other

  23. csimmons says:

    This book is really funny because Both of them does lots of pranks on each other.

    1. mjohnson says:

      I agree csimmons I agree

  24. csimmons says:

    This book is really funny because Mr.s Twit puts lots of worms in Mr Twits spaghetti without him knowing.?

  25. aburgess says:

    This is incredibly hilarious,the twits prank each other like putting worms in their spaghetti (which is disgusting) and annoying each other.They start a battle like prankster show between each other and they make each other go really annoyed!!!!!!!!!

    1. lnecea says:

      Abigail I agree 100 times with you. All these boxes are ticked about this book its funny ,scary, dramatic and unpredictable!

  26. lnecea says:

    The twits are the most disgustingly funny book ever my favourite part is the spaghetti part???

  27. egrant says:

    It’s the best book ever!! I like the walking stick because it’s like she’s so tiny?

  28. Daniel Nyima Nguo says:

    I love the twits because it has the most karmay ending everrrrrr when the monkeys _____________ the twits it’s a very enjoyable book

  29. dsampson says:

    I really like this story because there are really funny characters. The twits don’t give up killing the birds but every time the birds outsmart the twits. The twits own monkeys in their garden because Mr Twit wants to start the first upside-down monkey circus. I like the pranks the twits that the twits play in each other. My favourite 2 are the worm spaghetti and the shrinks when Mrs Twit goes ballooning up. If you have’nt read this book I highly recommend this book for you.

  30. risaacs says:

    It is so funny I liked it when Mrs twit put worms in mr twits spaghetti

  31. rrostam says:

    It is so funny and I liked it when Mrs twit gave worms in his spegehetti

  32. sashley says:

    This book is a very fun and in joy its very funny

  33. kmahmood says:

    This book is a champion so I give it a wopping 5 star rating.

  34. fpatten says:

    This a great but gross battle between a pair of spiteful people (Mr Twit and Mrs Twit)

  35. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    The things they eat are even more disgusting than anything I’ve ever imagined.

  36. mchangbrown says:

    I like this book because it is really funny and my favourite part was when they do the glass eye prank.I recommend this book to people who like funny books with lots of pranks in it.????

  37. kdegabriele says:

    I like the twits and it’s an interesting book it’s very funny and I would recommend this book to young children who are about 6-7

  38. rrostam2 says:

    One of the most hilarious books I have ever read

  39. Ms Badminton says:

    Dahl is fearless in creating disgusting characters and Mr and Mrs Twit are a fine example. It inspires me to be a prankster.

  40. rboamah says:

    A book full of hilarious prank battles between a husband and wife.

  41. gwilsonlitt says:

    It is horrible but great it has a good storyline and a good ending I recommend this to everyone.

  42. kcollins says:

    I think the twits is a very good children’s book. My favourite songs part of the story was when Mrs twit put worms in Mr twits spaghetti ?.

  43. Ms Fee says:

    So disgustingly brilliant! Surely these are the two villains that everyone loves to hate? Dahl is at his best in this book; devising all sorts of wickedly clever pranks and tricks for the twits to play on each other. However, the moment when Muggle-Wump the monkey gets his revenge on the cruel Twits (in a rather upside-down way!) is so funny and the most satisfying of all!

  44. llincoln says:

    I really like this book because it is so disgusting. I really like the part with the glass eye ball because it is so gross.

  45. imeager says:

    I love such a good book for all ages

  46. mjohnson2 says:

    I like this book because it is really funny. My favourite part is when they kept on pranking each other. I recommend this book for people who like funny books.

  47. mhalkondelgadoalves says:

    I loved The Twits it was really descriptive the pranks they pulled were funny and it really made me laugh.

  48. ecoyle says:

    This is a gruesome but hilarious book I love the tricks they play?

  49. tcummings says:

    I found The Twits a funny book the funny thing about it is when ms twit got a bunch of worms and gave it to Mrs twit .

  50. Agnes Milne says:

    This is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books as it is unbelievably simple and funny at the same time which is a very good combination for me