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The Velveteen Rabbit
Margery Williams

Animals and nature, Picture books

A boy’s toy rabbit sewed from velveteen becomes real and joins other rabbits in the wood… – blurb to follow


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13 comments on “The Velveteen Rabbit

  1. Leo Trelfer says:

    I loved this velveteen rabbit so much, he was Real!
    I didn’t like it when he cried, but I liked it when the fairy came out of the flower.
    I love you RKG, love from Leo, age 4.

  2. Nell Hardman says:

    This is a beautiful book and we loved it very much. ‘I liked it when the fairy came out of the flower, and when she kissed the rabbit … it was very kind and sweet’.

  3. kruh says:

    This book is an awesome,touching story about a cute velveteen rabbit who gets forgotten but is soon found

  4. llincoln says:

    A fake bunny becomes real when a fairy kisses him; a great book.

  5. Henry Roberts says:

    I thought this was a good, exciting story. I was scared about the bonfire, but it was good the rabbit didn’t get burnt. He escaped being burnt because the nursery magic fairy saved him. When the fairy kissed him he turned real. That was exciting.

  6. ibuglione says:

    I absolutely love the drawings

  7. eroberts says:

    The nursery fairy is a lovely little fairy who must be magic and lives in a flower. The flower is like her toy and her house. I think the flower is magical as well. I like this book because the velveteen rabbit turns Real.

  8. aroberts says:

    I liked it when the rabbit turned Real.

  9. katygriffiths says:

    RKG read this book as a class.
    Trayvon – I liked it when the fairy came to make him happy.
    Rian – I liked it when the velveteen rabbit got so shovey that he looked like a clown.
    Joey – I didn’t like it because I didn’t like it because I thought the story was too long.
    Anandi – I did not like it because he lost his China dog.
    Molly – I didn’t like it because the other rabbits were rude to him.
    Lara – I liked it when the rabbit and the boy were friends.
    Dinah – I did not like it when the rabbit got burnt. Well nearly got burnt
    Isolde – I was afraid that the rabbit would get burnt.
    Alice – I didn’t like it because he nearly got burnt.
    EFehi – I like it

  10. mminns says:

    It is great because it is amazing that the Rabbit was still alive! I bet he was very scared!

  11. pfigueroasheldon says:

    The velveteen rabbit is about a small bunny with has a loving owner,one day the owner gets sick and the doctors say he cannot keep the velveteen my rabbit…
    I think this is a fantastic book because it is amazing and adorable.

  12. Mr Milne says:

    Beautifully drawn account of a shabby, battered, threadbare, beloved cuddly toy, made real by being played with and loved (the book’s alternative title is ‘How toys become real’). Much the same happens to all of us, if we’re lucky and have good friends and family around us.

  13. lsingernorsworthy says:

    This book is a really sweet book with a lovely, cute rabbit who loves to hop about. You should definitely read it.