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The Wheel on the School
Meindert DeJong

Animals and nature

Dutch classic in which the inhabitants of a small fishing village work together to encourage storks to come to nest – blurb to follow


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2 comments on “The Wheel on the School

  1. Agnes Milne says:

    I enjoyed this story but it isn’t my type of book. The chapter ‘Tots in the tower ‘ was disliked by myself though I understand why it was put into the book

  2. tommilne says:

    An original and very unusual book set in a tiny Dutch village in the 1950s. There’s a great central storyline about trying to get storks to nest in the village (when they return from summer migration to Africa) and fascinating description of this part of Holland (the storms, tides, dykes, canals, buildings, farms). But there’s so much more – about ideas, dreams, memory, relationships, bravery, determination and, not least, storks!