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Tom’s Midnight Garden
Philippa Pearce

Mysteries and ghost stories

Slipping through time, memory, childhood, growing up, young and old…. a beautiful book – blurb to follow.



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22 comments on “Tom’s Midnight Garden

  1. estatham says:

    This is an amazing book for children to read.It is truly magic.

  2. estatham says:

    I really liked this book because I liked how the garden is magic and how it can disappear.I liked the magic grand father clock is well.I recommend this book.

  3. claque says:

    Tom’s Midnight Garden is the story of a magical garden that appears at midnight. Tom stays with his aunt and uncle because he has to be separated from is ill brother. Tom writes letters describing his adventures. This book is good because Tom is full of imagination

  4. gswan says:

    This is one of many books that has grabbed my attention.
    What will happen when the clock strikes thirteen?
    Is this magical garden real?
    Can Tom find out more about the young girl he sees there?
    Find out when you read this thrilling book of magic adventure and friendship.

  5. fpatten says:

    I love how he goes to the garden seeing Hatty and then at the end he actually sees Hatty herself at his current time and he shows the ice skates he had picked up when being in the garden.

  6. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    I thought that this book was really sad because every night Harriet grows older till she is too old for Tom to play with anymore.

  7. aharper says:

    This book I found interesting but there were a few bits that I didn’t like. Apart from those bits it was a great book. It also on the blurb leaves a mystery that makes you want to read on. The bits I did like were the bit where he’s in the garden and the bit where the clock strikes 13. The part that I didn’t like was the end.

  8. egeach says:

    When toms brother catches the meisels just before the summer holidays he is sent of to his auntie and uncles house. For a very long time he is board but where the clock strikes 13 every thing changes

  9. rpayton says:

    I love it so good it is so great I love it so much so bad it is amazing

  10. mmaccallumhall says:

    In year 5 we read a bit of this book. At first I thought it was amazingly written and full of beautiful description. I know it is everything I thought it would be , but as we got slightly further into the story I lost track of what was happening and began to lose interest.

    1. tom.milne1@btinternet.com says:

      The last part of the book is the best in my opinion – breathtakingly beautiful in parts. So give it another try in a while perhaps…

      Mr Milne

  11. Dshawn Richards says:

    I really like this book and my favourite character is Tom because of the way he was so curios about what was behind the bolted door.

  12. esampson says:

    This an enchanting book that always forces you to read on.

  13. cburt says:

    This book is magical, Pearce’s astounding talent to create such images in the mind is phenomenal. I could not recommend a better book if you love adventure fiction.

  14. astrigo says:

    This is a very good book because the magic garden is enchanting.

  15. Agnes Milne says:

    A time travel adventure awaits Tom

  16. jorozcomejia says:

    i like this book because i red it and it was intreating

  17. agardner says:

    this is my favret book of my life it struk me wen it ended wen the midnight garden wasn’t there if you read it you will love it.

  18. Agnes Milne says:

    I enjoyed this time travel ghost story especially the ending where Tom hugs Ms Bartholomew/Hatty .

  19. jlaidlaw says:

    Amazing imagination is everything in this book. The Midnight Garden is perfect.

  20. risaacs says:

    When the clock strikes 13 Tom goes into a garden where nobody can see him except Hatty

  21. tommilne says:

    I love the friendship between Hatty and Tom, the slipping through time, and everything in the book about past, present and future, memory, childhood, growing up, young and old. The dreamy scene towards the end of the book where Hatty and Tom skate together down the frozen river to Ely Cathedral, just ahead of the ice melting, and then back as night draws in and Hatty disappears from his life and time, is beautiful beyond words. A haunting book and a masterpiece.