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Wolf Brother
Michelle Paver

Fantasy and science fiction

When his father is killed by a bear, Torak learns to fend for himself.  He meets a loving, playful wolf club and together they are determined to avenge Torak’s father and defeat the darkness.  Set 600,000 years ago, the first of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

Rosalea Draper, 6CC (2016)


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17 comments on “Wolf Brother

  1. claque says:

    Wolf Brother is about a boy whose father is killed by a demon bear. The boy sets out to kill the bear but on the way finds a girl who knows a prophecy about the boy. An old woman tells the two children how to defeat the bear and they begin a long journey. I like this book because it explains a lot about how to live in the wild and survive. I would like to talk to wolfs like the boy.

  2. llincoln says:

    Toraks father gets killed by a bear and he has to survive by him self.He meets a wolf and together they try to defeat the darkness.

  3. Ms Fee says:

    I first read this book when I was completing my teacher training, and subsequently raced through the other books in the series! It is always number one on my list of books to recommend to my pupils – with brave and adventurous characters and awe-inspiring settings. I really loved the idea of belonging to a ‘clan’ and having a spirit animal.

  4. Agnes Milne says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book even though it is quite sad at points and when I finished it I went and read the rest of the series which I really recommend

  5. tbarkar says:

    I feel sad for Torak because his father has died but he has found a orphan wolf who he walks many nights with and the wolf calls him Tall tailless. After they have been walking for a long time they find the Raven clan and they make friends with Renn and Torak finds all three pieces of the Nauak. In the next book in the series I think they will reach the mountains and have a ferocious fight. I would recommend to boys and girls, probably you would need to be over 8 years old, because this book is quite emotional and scary and dramatic.

  6. astrigo says:

    This gripping book is exciting and thrilling.

  7. Dshawn Richards says:

    I like this book because of how much action there was and that how basically every day that when the cub started to evolve into a full grown wolf.

  8. esampson says:

    Torak is alone and on the run after the death of his father. After his father is killed by a demon bear, Torak joins the Raven clan where he makes a friend called Renn . Canthey defeat the demon bear.

  9. jhume says:

    I read this book a year ago and I still read it and i’v read most of the franchis and it is the best out all of them.

  10. akeigher says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book and I like how it goes from Torak wanting to kill the wolf to becoming best friends. But I was really sad when Toraks dad dies in the beginning

  11. ggonzalezalzate says:

    I really enjoyed this book . I think writer wants to tell you the hard that it was the Stone Age.

  12. Otto Meyric Rothstein says:

    I loved this book book because it had lots scary bits and Torak is very clever and very stupid at times. However i’m giving this 4 stars because it’s got a bit of nature in which isn’t my favorite thing.

  13. fives says:

    This is a great book because it makes you think how hard it was in the stone age…

  14. ghume says:

    This is a massively recommended book.I have read all of them there are many plot twists in this book.

  15. Mr Milne says:

    The demon bear’s pretty fearsome. Exciting!

  16. nsampson says:

    When Torak’s father is killed by a demon bear (a demon inside a bear) he, with a little help from Renn,the raven clan, and most off all his wolf sets off to find the mountain that hosts the world spirit that no-one has ever found before.

  17. mkrishnan says:

    The best book I’ve ever read following on with the rest of the seiries.